Housepets! Just Beachy


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Tarot: It was nice of Karishad to give us the Miltons beach mansion for the week....
Peanut: I'll say! Did you see the size of the TV in the bathroom!?
Grape: I still don't trust that fox any further than I could throw him...
Peanut: You trust him that much?
Grape: You know what I mean! *scoff* .....Max stop playing with that stupid crab!
Max: It didn't give me a choice! *looks around warily* soo...who's up for a nice safe week playing video games indoors?

This set of original Housepets posters come on glossy 11 x 17 10pt paper. This is a limited edition of 52, each hand-numbered and signed on the back. Numbers are given out in sequence of sale.